may/june 2023

color collision

"Designer and artist Cassie Adams debuts her collection of joyfully vibrant pillows crafted of artful patterns digitally designed by hand. Her textiles, artwork, and interiors fuse the imaginative juxtaposition of nature and urban landscapes with classic and modern sensibility. The new collection presents these energetic designs with a vivaciously colorful and joy-filled textile palette that’s suitable for the everyday."

new + next May 2023

gallery C show

"Well, color us intrigued. Experience the aura of Cassie Adams' artwork -- consisting of a one-of-a-kind combo of detailed photographs and digital handmade drawings made with a lineup of mediums: pencil, marker, pastel, and oil crayon. We're totally blended by the light."

february 2023

decor news now

november 2022

Two of my favorite questions were:

AJ: How would you define your work in three words?
CA: Colorful. Happy. Movement.

AJ: How do you define beauty? CA:Something that brings happiness and joy, opening your eyes and making you smile.