From the May issue of Raleigh Magazine: "Well, color us intrigued. Experience the aura of Cassie Adams' artwork -- consisting of a one-of-a-kind combo of detailed photographs and digital handmade drawings made with a lineup of mediums: pencil, marker, pastel, and oil crayon. We're totally blended by the light."


I find beauty and inspiration in the juxtaposition between the natural world and urban architecture. In my work I have sought to explore the interplay of these elements, through a medium of vibrating layers of color, creating rhythmic compositions, reflecting light and dark, city and landscape. My process begins with hand cut paper and original paintings in acrylic and watercolor. I then photograph or scan sections of the physical paintings and cut paper pieces in order to enlarge, layer and arrange them. Often these are then combined with digital drawings. These drawings are done by hand with a stylus using mixed media elements from pencil and marker to pastel and oil crayon, creating beautifully layered works.  These are available as small run limited editions. Each edition is printed on cold press watercolor paper and is hand signed and numbered.