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Cassie is known for her creativity!

She has a flair for weaving the traditional with the unexpected, creating a unique style that’s classic with a modern sensibility. 

She believes passion, confidence, imagination, and the ability to listen define the distinction between being a good designer and a great one and uses those principles to guide her.

a little background . . .

After graduating from Duke University with a BA in visual arts, Cassie moved to New York City to pursue her work in design.  While working at an art gallery, she started cassie adams designs as a graphic design company specializing in custom stationery and invitations.  In this venture, she found a two-dimensional medium for exploring the combinations of color and pattern she had come to love since childhood.  Eager to advance her design knowledge, she left the gallery and began working for a small interior design firm.  After honing her skills as a senior designer, she decided it was time to integrate interior design into her company’s offerings.  To further her education, she attended Parsons for an associates degree in interior design.  While completing her studies, she worked to build her brand, taking on interior design clients both in the New York area and her home state of North Carolina.  In her relocation to Alexandria, Virginia, she continues to cultivate her design business up and down the east coast, helping clients achieve what she calls "the happy perfect".

texture. color. pattern ~ creativity. for your lifestyle